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Edmunds says. The 2010 Lexus ES 350 remains a top choice among entry-level luxury sedans, but a pair of upstart competitors should give you pause.
The burning question for potential buyers, whether considering a new or used Lexus ES 350, is how many miles this vehicle can go. On average, a Lexus ES 350 can last between 220,000 and 250,000 miles.
Executive Sedan. The ES name stands for Executive Sedan. However, some Lexus importers use the name, Elegant Sedan.
The Lexus ES 350 is generally considered a very reliable luxury sedan. Most model years have proven to be dependable, long-lasting vehicles. However, a few ES 350 model years seem to have more issues than others. Overall, the ES 350 has lived up to Lexus' reputation for building cars that hold up well over time.
Some of the most common ones include oil leaks, unintended acceleration, infotainment system problems, and a melting dashboard.

2010 Lexus ES350 w/44k Miles POV Review

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