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A: The lowest recorded sale price was $6,500 for a 1986 Nissan Skyline GTS-X on Oct 16 2023. Q: What is the average sale price of a Nissan Skyline - R31? A: The average price of a Nissan Skyline - R31 is $24,439.
RB20 (2.0L I6). The first RB20ET/DE/DET engines were fitted to the HR31 Skyline and the Nissan Fairlady 200ZR (Z31 chassis), produced from August 1985.
The 7th generation Skyline R31 was rolled out in 1985. It was in 1986, the next year, that the longed-for 2-door coupe series was added to the line. The limited edition GTS-R coupe with the engine output of 210ps was rolled out in 1987 as base model for Group A touring cars.
An extremely rare Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R with zero kilometres on its odometer has set what is believed to be a record for the Japanese cult classic car, selling for 5.1 million Hong Kong dollars – equivalent to $972,000 in Australian currency.
We've got some good news for you! Any car that's over 25 years old can bypass the US legal system. This means that you can entirely legally import and own a Nissan Skyline R31, or R32 GT-R into the US right now (unless you're in California, which brings its own typical complications).

Improving a rare Nissan Skyline R31 GTS-X | fullBOOST

The Nissan Skyline R31 2-door GTS-X is a rare and unique car as Mark shows us his very well though-out modified example...

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