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2023 Made in China Geely Coolray Gasoline Vehicle Small SUV Hot Selling Cars 1.4t/1.5t - China Gasoline Vehicle, Vehicles |
Overview of the Problem. One of the widely reported problems with certain Geely models, such as the Geely Coolray, is an unexpected decrease in fuel efficiency. In these instances, owners have reported a significant drop in their vehicle's mileage that is not attributable to changes in driving habits.
Coolray is available with Dual Clutch transmission. Also, depending on the variant and fuel type the Coolray has a fuel consumption of 16.4 Kmpl on highway. The Coolray is a 5 Seater Crossover and has a length of 4330 mm the width of 1800 mm, and a wheelbase of 2600 mm.
COOLRAY is the first overseas SUV born from BMA platform, with more abundant space, more comfortable chassis and stable control. The BMA can be visualized as a collection of power, electrical, chassis, and body modules which can be freely combined like building blocks to create an endless variety of vehicles.
Geely, which was founded by Chinese business mogul Li Shufu who is still its chairman, acquired Volvo Cars in 2010. The company's portfolio includes a range of global car brands such as electric car giant Polestar and Smart, as well as Volvo.

2022 Geely Coolray 1.5 Sport Turbo SE Review | Behind the Wheel

Geely is back at it again to keep its products fresh and competitive with the times. We reviewed it back in 2019 when it first came...

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