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Кроссовер BAIC Huansu S5: с оглядкой на Крету — Авторевю

Китай НАСТУПАЕТ! Клон Лексуса в 3 раза ДЕШЕВЛЕ ОРИГИНАЛА! BAIC Huansu S5 обзор #1

Вы такой точно не видели! Мимо этого автомобиля нельзя пройти! КИТАЙСКИЙ Лексус, который стоит меньше миллиона!...

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(BAIC) is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shunyi, Beijing. Founded in 1958, it is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in China, with 1.723 million sales in 2021. Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co.
At a little over Rs 10 lakh, the Huansu C60 is over 90 per cent cheaper than a Urus, Now one might abuse the Chinese for their shamelessly blatant copies of Lamborghini cars, but think of this, the C60 is unlikely to be taking any sales out of the Lamborghini order book.
Daimler owns a 9.55 percent stake in BAIC's Hong Kong listed unit BAIC Motor as well as a stake of 2.46 percent in the Shanghai listed BAIC BluePark.
The BAIC Beijing X55 launched in November 2022. It's still quite a fresh car on the market and needs to be put through its paces over time. Both locally and internationally, we haven't yet seen reports of issues and component failures simply because the car is still new.
Volvo has already announced that it will produce a new EV at the South Carolina plant. Now with the existence of the C60 revealed, we can safely expect that it's that “new EV”.
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