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143-horsepower. The Wingle 7 is equipped with a two-liter 143-horsepower diesel engine, a six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive with a Borg Warner transfer case with a downshift and a forced locking rear differential. The cargo bed dimensions is 1680x1460x480 mm.
Great Wall Motors. The Great Wall Wingle is series of pick-up trucks manufactured by the Chinese company Great Wall Motors (风骏) since 2010. Originally launched as a single pickup model, the model was since updated and facelifted multiple times with different variants offered at the same time.
235 / 70R16 ALLOY WHEELS.
Great Wall Motors is a Chinese manufacturer headquartered in Baoding, China, and parents the GWM, Haval, WEY and ORA brands.
Haval became independent around 2013, with Great Wall recognizing this on their website stating in March 2013, [The] Haval brand became independent officially, bringing GWM into an era of dual brand of Haval and Great Wall. Around 2016, the Voleex nameplate was dropped, and by 2020, the firm would not be selling ...

НОВЫЙ ПИКАП Great Wall Wingle 7 дешевле ТОЙОТЫ, дороже УАЗА / НОВЫЙ ПИКАП ВИНГЛ 7 тест и обзор

Новый дизельный пикап Great Wall Wingle 7 подороже, чем УАЗ Пикап: Цена в России — 1 749 000 рублей Подписывайтесь...

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