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Купить новый FAW Bestune B70 2020-н.в. 2.0 AT (217 л.с.) бензин автомат в  Москве: белый ФАВ Бестюн Б70 2023 лифтбек 2023 года по цене 2 908 800  рублей на Авто.ру

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The car is rich in driver-assist features and safety equipment. The air-conditioning cools the cabin in minutes. The faux-leather seats are comfortable and offer good support for long-range driving.
Vehicle parameters
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2800.
  • Front track (mm) 1571.
  • Rear track (mm) 1585.
  • Approach angle (°) 15°
  • Departure angle (°) 17°
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 200.
  • Curb weight (kg) 1440.
  • Gross weight (kg) 1890.
The starting price of the 2024 FAW Bestune B70 in Saudi Arabia is 78200 Saudi Riyal. Prices vary depending on the condition of the vehicle, the selected model, and the available external, internal, and mechanical add-ons in the car.
FAW Group. Bestune (Chinese: 一汽奔腾; pinyin: Yīqì Bēnténg), formerly known as Besturn, is an automotive marque owned by the Chinese automaker FAW Group.
The Bestune Legacy. FAW, the makers of Bestune, has 70 years of innovation and reliability to showcase. The name that once expanded to 'First Automotive Works' is one of the oldest and largest automakers in China and happens to be in the first hundred among Global Fortune 500 companies.


2.0 SMART AT....

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