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Неисправность NATS P1614 — Сообщество «Nissan Primera P12» на DRIVE2

DTC Nissan P1614 Short Explanation

The video focuses on the basic Nissan specific diagnostic error code. Contents: 0:21 Basic DTC analysis according to OBD2...

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Error code P1614 in a Nissan Pathfinder refers to an issue with the Immobilizer Control Module (IMMU) system. This code typically indicates a problem with the key or the key's transponder.
P1614 - Throttle idle position failure on throttle release. Check throttle mechanical adjustment. P1614 usually means that the throttle bodies will be needing to be replaced soon. It does not get better on it's own, and replacement seems inevitable.
Immobilizer Warning Light. If you spot a car with key symbol on the dashboard, your Nissan Rogue is pointing to an issue with the Immobilizer. The Immobilizer is an anti-theft sensor that blocks your vehicle from starting unless the original car key is in the vicinity.
is not starting the car, try the following:
  1. Insert the ignition key into the ignition and turn 'On' for 5.
  2. seconds.
  3. Turn ignition key 'OFF'
  4. Turn ignition key 'ON' for 5 seconds.
  5. Turn ignition key 'OFF'
  6. Turn ignition key 'ON' for 5 seconds.
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