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Geely Panda Knight: Бюджетный электрокроссовер всего за $7000

В Китае поступил в продажу новый бюджетный электромобиль Panda Knight. Новинка от Geely стала одним из самых...

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On September 15, Geely officially launched its Panda Knight in China, priced at 53,900 yuan (7,410 USD), while the current limited-time discounted price is 49,900 yuan (6,860 USD).
The length of this vehicle is 3598 mm.
100 km/h. The Panda Mini EV is equipped with LFP batteries supplied by Guoxuan Hi-Tech. The short-range version of the Panda Mini EV has a CLTC range of 120 km, while the long-range version has a CLTC range of 200 km range with a maximum driving speed of 100 km/h.
5-star rating. In 2010 the LC scored 45.3 in C-NCAP crash tests, making it China's first locally researched and developed compact car to be awarded a 5-star rating, and it is subsequently the safest Chinese hatchback as of 2011.
Is the Fiat Panda a good car? The Fiat Panda feels like a very back-to-basics car compared to its rivals. Its simplistic engineering means this city car is very cheap to buy, run, and maintain. However, it's now feeling very dated, and a zero-star Euro NCAP safety rating is disappointing.
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